ON AIR with Anna Tur

ON AIR With Anna Tur 019

December 15, 2020

Heyyy q tal, I hope you are super good!

Welcome to ON AIR with Anna Tur 019

Today, after so many cold and rainy days in Ibiza, I would love to work on a more techno-oriented session, selecting and mixing tracks for you which I  hope you like.

We started with No Human Sky, a production by Beico for Terminal M

Thank you very much as always for the company. It's time to say goodbye! I send a lot of love, positivity and good vibe to all of you! Happy week!



Beico - No Human Sky (Terminal M)

Fer BR- Hidden-Figure (Mindshake Records)

Jacopo Susini - Lockdown (Break New Soil)

Manuel_Di_Martino- Partenope

Monika Kruse - Craving Desire (Terminal M)

Julian Wassermann & Florian Kruse - Brook (Terminal M)

Charlotte de Witte – Ensemble

Luca Agnelli - Aura

Hertz - Collision (Flexin Blenk Remix) Uncage

Le Roi Carmona – Electro Shock


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