ON AIR with Anna Tur

ON AIR With Anna Tur 024

January 19, 2021

Hi family, how's it going? Podcast 024.
For my part, focused and concentrated on the only union that currently exists between artist and listener-fan-follower... generating content with all the love possible to continue united through the power of music.
We begin the 24th edition of ON AIR, with whom Anna Tur talks to you. From Ibiza and with all my love, we begin with this track called Cosmin Horatiu - Bad Perception (Original Mix) 

Cosmin Horatiu - Bad Perception (Original Mix) 
Pepe Mateos - Origen 
Michael Bibi - Te Amo 
Eddy M - Black Bull 
Aaran D - Planet Mars
Sidney Charles - Flight Mode 
Mick Wilson, August Artier - Six 
Fernando Campo - Betty (Original Mix) 
Jakobii - Floating 
The Martinez Brothers - Backyard Boogie 
Emilee - Memory Land (Andrade Sam Clarence Remix) 

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